Why Seniors Should Be Drinking Herbal Teas

Most seniors are dehydrated. It’s almost universal that seniors don’t drink as much water as they should. And one of the reasons why seniors don’t drink water is that they don’t like the taste of tap water or they don’t like plain water. Has your senior loved one ever told you they don’t drink water because it tastes like nothing? Many seniors feel that way. But water is essential for good health. 

Drinking herbal tea is a great way to get seniors to drink more water. Herbal teas can entice seniors to drink more because:

They’re Water

In-Home Care Timonium, MD: Herbal Tea

In-Home Care Timonium, MD: Herbal Tea

Seniors need to drink more water and herbal teas are just water flavored with herbs. Seniors should drink more tea because they are giving their bodies the water that their bodies need to stay healthy. It’s very common for people to not be inclined to drink plain water. But herbal teas are a lot healthier than sodas, juices, and other products because they are just water and herbs with no artificial flavors, sugar, or caffeine. 

They Are Good Hot Or Cold

One of the best things about herbal teas is that they taste great hot or cold. In the winter seniors can enjoy herbal teas hot made by an in-home care provider. The in-home care provider can make a pot of herbal tea that will stay hot so that seniors can enjoy sipping a hot delicious drink throughout the day. Sipping tea throughout the day will ensure that seniors are drinking the water they need to be drinking and it will also help them stay warm when the weather is cold. 

When the weather is hot herbal teas can be brewed then iced for a very refreshing cold drink on a hot day. Herbal tea mixed with cut up fruit makes a wonderful summer drink that seniors will really enjoy. 

They Have Health Benefits

Many herbal and fruit teas have some big health benefits. Lavender tea and chamomile tea can reduce stress, help seniors sleep better at night, and they have powerful antioxidants that can help seniors lower the risk of some health conditions. Teas made with herbs like turmeric are anti-inflammatory can lower the body’s autoimmune response that can cause conditions like fibromyalgia and help alleviate pain and stiffness. And many other herbal teas have specific health and medicinal benefits that can help seniors live better as they get older. 

They Are Flavorful 

Herbal teas are packed with flavor. They’re the perfect option for seniors that don’t like to drink water because it’s too plain. There are many options when it comes to herbal teas. Seniors can even have their own custom blends made just for them so that they can have a signature tea if they want. Drinking herbal teas is a delicious way for seniors to increase the amount of water that they’re drinking in a healthy way that will help them feel better and stay healthy all year long.

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