Vision Loss Increases the Need for Companion Care

Vision Loss: Companion Care at Home Towson, MD

Vision Loss: Companion Care at Home Towson, MD

Dame Judi Dench recently admitted that her worsening vision from age-related macular degeneration is impacting her ability to read scripts and do her job. She’s had this condition for a decade now.

Your dad’s vision is diminishing. It’s going to increase his need for companion care. Here are the things you need to consider as he loses his vision.

He Can’t Drive

Your dad is no longer allowed to drive. Who is available to take him to his medical appointments? If he has an exam and cleaning scheduled with his dentist, who is bringing him to and from the practice?

When he needs to purchase groceries, refill his medications, or buy other necessities, how does he get to the store or pharmacy? Make sure someone is free to drive him.

Can He Still Engage In His Favorite Hobbies?

Can your dad engage in his favorite hobbies? If he loved reading books, could you get him a smart speaker and some audiobooks? If he enjoys gardening, is he able to get to and from the garden and can someone help him plant seeds and seedlings and direct him to produce that’s ready to be picked?

He Shouldn’t Walk Alone

Your dad loves to go for walks around his neighborhood, but now that he can’t see, he needs to have someone with him. If he shouldn’t walk alone, arrange to have a caregiver, family friend, or family member accompany him.

You should also take the time to walk with him and check for problems. Does a neighbor let their dog run off leash? Is that dog notorious for running up to your dad and jumping on him? That’s a problem that needs to be addressed. Is the traffic heavy on your dad’s street?

If there are no sidewalks, is the curb wide enough for him to safely walk well off the edge of the road? If not, is there a local park he could go to instead?

His Home Layout May Need Adjustments

If your dad’s home has furniture jutting into the normal walking paths, he could catch a toe or knee on the furniture and fall. His rooms need to have the furnishings laid out in a way that gives him plenty of room for walking around.

Make sure that the route from his bed to the bathroom and toilet is clear of clutter he could trip on. Check that he can easily get from his favorite chair or sofa to the kitchen and bathroom. Someone needs to keep the home clean and organized, too.

Companion care at home is something you need to consider if your dad’s vision is diminishing. He needs someone to help him around the home, drive him around, and bring him to appointments. Call a companion care at home specialist to get started.


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