Tips For Seniors Who Want To Write A Novel

November is National Novel Writing Month and seniors who have thought about writing a novel should give it a try. Writing is great exercise for the brain, and it can help seniors retain their cognitive skills to be actively engaged and writing. Often seniors say they are too intimidated to start writing a novel because they have never written anything or never written anything as intense as a novel. But writing a novel can be easier than people think. 

Seniors that are ready to dive into the fiction world and write a novel this November can use these tips to make their first novel amazing:

Do Character Studies For Each Main Character

Home Care Assistance Timonium, MD: National Novel Writing Month

Home Care Assistance Timonium, MD: National Novel Writing Month

It’s a smart idea to create a one sheet character study for each main character in the story. The character sheet should have a description of the character, with some photos for reference if possible. The character’s backstory and defining characteristics and quirks should all be on the sheet. The character sheets can be kept in a binder so that they are available if the writer needs to check them to see if some action would be within a character’s character. If the story has a lot of characters these sheets will be very useful. 

Use A Story Board

Story boards are not just for movies. Any writer that is planning out a novel should use a story board. Story boards make it easy to plot out a novel and see how the characters interact and what their personal journeys are . Story boards can also help writers get a better understanding of how the story connects the characters and where certain plot points should be. By creating a story board a writer is laying down the flooring of the story. All the other details will come in from that story board. 

Don’t Worry About The Punctuation

It’s very common for writers to get hung up on things like punctuation and grammar. Don’t worry about things like the mechanics of writing when writing a novel. An editor will clean up the copy and make sure that everything is spelled right and that the are now grammatical errors. That’s what an editor is fore. The writer’s job is just to get the words on the page and give the story some shape so that it can be told.

Get Help Typing It

Typing a novel is a brig project, especially for seniors who have may medical conditions that affect their hands. Signing up for home care assistance can make it easier for seniors to pursue their interests. Home care assistance means getting help from a caregiver with chores like laundry or the dishes. But its also getting help with meals, scrubbing the floors, doing the laundry, and other household chores. A care provider can also give opinions on the novel, help edit the novel, and type it up on the computer so that seniors who have wrist and hand problems don’t have to hurt themselves trying to type it up.

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