Tips for Reducing Emotional Problems in Someone with Dementia

If your elderly loved one has dementia, they are likely going to experience some emotional problems. These may occur from time to time or they may be a regular occurrence. Either way, there are some tips for helping to reduce these problems in someone who has dementia. The more you learn how to handle emotional issues in your elderly loved one, the longer you can keep their symptoms and life under control. 

Staying Calm

24-Hour Home Care Timonium, MD: Reducing Emotional Problems

Is your elderly loved one having emotional issues? Maybe, they are getting aggravated because they can’t express how they feel. They may be getting irritable later in the day and yelling at you because of those feelings.

If your elderly loved one is having these issues, the most important thing you can do is to stay calm. The more you yell back at them, the more confrontation that will occur. The more confrontation that happens, the more frustrated your elderly loved one is likely to get.

If you can stay calm, your elderly loved one is more likely to do that, as well. Oftentimes, when someone with dementia sees others being calm and relaxed, they will follow their lead.

Don’t Try Reasoning with Them

As a family caregiver of someone who has dementia, it is important that you don’t try reasoning with them. Your elderly loved one’s emotional issues aren’t going to get any better by you trying to explain why they are wrong.

For example, if your elderly loved one believes someone stole their vase, when in reality it broke years ago, don’t reason with them. They might be yelling and so upset about the loss of their vase. However, they truly believe it was stolen, even though it wasn’t. Do your best to let your elderly loved one know you are handling the situation and you will get to the bottom of it.

Engage in Their Conversations

If your elderly loved one seems upset about something, don’t ignore them. Do your best to engage in the conversations they are having with you. For example, in the situation above, if your loved one believes someone stole their vase, ask them about it. Ask them when it went missing. Talk to your elderly loved one about what they think happened. The more you engage in the conversation, the more your elderly loved one will feel understood.

After taking the time to engage in the conversation and letting your elderly loved one know you are there to help them, you can refocus their attention on something else. If they won’t get refocused you can try having one of hte 24-hour home care providers help out. Sometimes, elderly people with dementia connect better with the home care providers.


Is your elderly loved one having emotional issues as a result of the dementia? If so, the tips above can help you to better handle and reduce those issues. If needed, don’t forget that you can have 24-hour home care providers help with these situations.

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