Talking To Your Senior Loved One About Around The Clock Care

If your senior loved one loves living independently but you have noticed lately that they are starting to show signs they may need more home care it’s time to talk to them about 24-hour home care. It can be tricky to discuss 24-hour home care with a senior parent who may feel that they don’t need to have someone with them around the clock. But if you’re noticing that your senior parent is having problems at night when they’re alone such as falling a lot, missing medication doses, or generally suffering anxiety or panic attacks it’s time to have the discussion. Use these tips to discuss 24 hour care with a senior parent and have a productive and positive discussion instead of a fight or a disagreement:

Gather Information

24-Hour Home Care Cockeysville, MD: Around the Clock Care

24-Hour Home Care Cockeysville, MD: Around the Clock Care

When you sit down to talk about around the clock care with your senior parent have information for them ready to go. Talk to some local home care agencies to find out about cost and other information. That way when your senior loved one has questions about around the clock care you’ll have answers. Your senior parent may be more willing to consider around the clock care when they have all facts about it. 

List The Reasons Why You Think It’s Time For 24 Hour Care

This one can be tough, but it’s necessary. On a piece of paper list all the things you’ve observed that make you think that it’s time for 24 hour home care. Also list the benefits of around the clock care such as having someone there at night to call for help if your senior parent needs it or having someone there to help them get to the bathroom in the middle of the night if they need it or take the dog out. Make a case for why 24 hour care is actually a great thing for your senior parent. 

Listen To Your Senior Parent’s Concerns

Listen to what your senior loved one is concerned about instead of just dismissing their fears and anxieties about around the clock. Sometimes seniors just want to make sure that they’re being heard before they take action. And if you are really listening to what your senior loved one says you may be able to alleviate their concerns with the information that you’ve gathered. Their concerns may be things that you haven’t thought of and that should be addressed. 

Suggest A Trial Period 

Ultimately you and your senior loved one can spend a lot of time talking about around the clock care or they can just try it. Talk about a trial period of a month or a couple of weeks where your senior parent will have 24 hour home care to see how they like it and if it’s something that they want to continue. This will give your senior parent the chance to experience it for themselves and then make a decision about whether or not it’s right for them.

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