Your elderly father has needed your support for quite some time. Maybe in the beginning it was right after a medical emergency, like a heart attack or stroke. You didn’t want him being alone, struggling with things while he recovered, so, being that you live close to him, you stepped up. You don’t consider yourself a family caregiver, but that’s exactly what you are.

Perhaps you thought of yourself as just being a son or daughter who is loving and caring. That is certainly true. However, if this has been going on for weeks, maybe even months, you are a caregiver. This might not have been something you thought about before, but it sort of infiltrated your life.

Now, though, you look around at your life and miss some of the things you had given up. You feel like you don’t have time for yourself. You may have other responsibilities, a career, and so forth that you haven’t been able to focus on, but even the thought of spending more time on those things brings forth guilt.

You have nothing to feel guilty about.

Caregiver Sykesville, MD: Caring for Your Dad

Being a family caregiver is a great responsibility. Yet, it’s not the only one most people have. In fact, the vast majority of caregivers supporting family members or friends in the United States have a wide range of other responsibilities, many of them that take a backseat to the senior who needs their support.

You don’t have to feel guilty about wanting more time for yourself. Even if you don’t have other responsibilities at the moment, there are other things you would like to do. Other interests.

Maybe you call them hobbies. Music, arts, spending time with friends, having conversations, playing games with friends, and so forth. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have more time for yourself. You don’t have to feel guilty about it.

What you need to do is realize what type of help is truly available for people in your situation. And, there is help available.

Sit down and learn more about home care.

A home care agency most likely operates in your area. There is likely several home care agencies that could step in and provide the kind of care and support your father needs while you make time for yourself.

This doesn’t mean you have to stop caring for him. This doesn’t mean you have to step back and no longer be his caregiver. You can certainly continue to provide the care, love, and support you have been giving him these many weeks or months.

However, when a home care aide is supporting him, such as for a few hours in the morning or in the afternoon or evening, times when you would be sacrificing everything to be there for him, you can focus on yourself.

Whether that means going to the gym, spending time with friends, watching your favorite television program, or anything else, that shouldn’t matter. Don’t feel guilty about your desire to have more time for yourself. You need it.

Just as he needs quality care support, you need time for yourself as a caregiver.

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