Learn How 24-Hour Home Care Works

One of the most common reasons to hire 24-hour home care is Alzheimer’s disease. Your mom is in the middle to late stages and cannot be left alone. It’s not an option. If she’s alone, she’s known to wander away. But, you can’t stay awake all day and night. You have to work, and you need sleep.

It’s the perfect time to look into 24-hour home care. You don’t have to leave your mom alone and hope she stays inside. You don’t have to rely on quick naps and hope it’s enough to refresh your mind and body. Caregivers work in shifts to ensure your mom has an aide in her home and stays awake to prevent wandering.

How Does It Work?

24-Hour Home Care in Finksburg, MD: Home Care Options

When you hire caregivers to provide 24-hour home care, you’ll start by talking to the specialist about your mom’s needs. A schedule is created to cover the tasks that need to get done.

The caregivers work in shifts. Your mom may have one caregiver for 12 hours and a second caregiver for the other 12 hours. Some agencies put three caregivers on a 24-hour home care plan. She’d have each caregiver for eight hours.

By having the caregivers work in shifts, they’re well-rested and get the breaks they need to spend time with their family. They also have the time necessary to take care of their household chores. It benefits everyone to have alert, rested caregivers.

Your Mom Gains Plenty of Socialization

In addition to having 24-hour care, your mom also has several caregivers coming to her home. She meets more people, which benefits her when it comes to socialization.

Ideally, arrange 24-hour care sooner rather than later. The earlier your mom works with caregivers, the easier it is for her to adjust when she’s in the late stages of the disease. There will come a time when strangers make her nervous, so it’s best to introduce her to caregivers in the early stages.

How Do You Arrange 24-Hour Caregivers?

How do you arrange 24-hour home care? Start by talking to your family about your mom’s abilities and where she needs help. Come up with a care plan that you think works for her. Make sure her legal paperwork, such as advance directives and powers of attorney are in place and can make medical decisions if needed.

Call a home care agency and talk about your mom’s habits and illness. You’ll answer questions about your work schedule and your mom’s needs. From there, the right schedule of caregiver visits is established.

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