Improve Your Dad’s Diet by Learning the Benefit of a Morning Meal

Your dad has a habit of drinking a cup of coffee when he gets up and saying that’s enough. You worry about him because he always skips breakfast. It’s time to address the benefits of a morning meal with him and help find ways to get him to make healthier choices.

It Helps With Sugar Levels

In-Home Care Timonium, MD: Improving Your Seniors Diet

After a full night’s sleep, your dad’s body is running on empty. He’s gotten enough sleep, but his sugar levels will be at their lowest. By having breakfast, he gives his body the fuel that’s needed to start his day.

He wants to have a low-sugar breakfast. Instead of having sugary jam on white bread, he should have a yogurt parfait with toasted almonds and fresh berries layered between unsweetened vanilla yogurt. Or, he could have a breakfast sandwich of a poached egg, sauteed spinach, and low-fat mozzarella on a whole-grain English muffin.

It Provides His Body With Vital Nutrients

Many older adults fail to get enough fiber and protein. Breakfast is a great way to get started meeting the daily requirements. Your dad could have an omelet with lots of vegetables and baked beans on whole-grain toast and get plenty of fiber and protein.

If your dad has a glass of milk with breakfast, he’s adding calcium to the start of the day. That helps with bone strength. If he’s not into eggs, he could have a bowl of fortified whole-grain cereal with fresh fruit for a fiber and antioxidant-rich breakfast.

Breakfast Kick Starts the Metabolism

Studies find that a nutritious breakfast can help boost metabolic function. That reduces the risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes. Your dad needs to focus on a healthy breakfast, though. Pastries and fried foods aren’t great choices. A bowl of overnight oats with nuts and fresh fruit is better than a doughnut or cinnamon bun.

Does your dad cook his meals, or does he require your help? If you find it challenging to balance everything on your agenda while also helping him, it’s time to talk about the benefits of caregivers. Caregivers can make sure your dad starts his day with breakfast. With in-home care, your dad has caregivers to cook breakfast and help him figure out the weekly meal plan.

He’ll have caregivers available to take him to the grocery store, put groceries away, and ensure he eats each meal. Call an in-home care agency and make arrangements for meal preparation services.

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