Hydration for Health: Encouraging Seniors to Drink More Water

Age changes the body in many ways, making getting the proper amount of water even more critical. This is because dehydration can cause serious health problems for seniors. In this blog, the importance of staying hydrated is discussed, as well as how the elder care team can encourage seniors to maintain water consistency.

How Important is it for Seniors to be Hydrated?

Water is the key to life and is essential for keeping the body’s processes going at any age. However, dehydration can be especially bad for seniors because their bodies are less able to store water. It can also be difficult for them to assess when they are thirsty. Consider the following reasons why it’s essential for seniors to stay hydrated.

Cognitive Function

Being dehydrated can make remembering, paying attention, and concentrating hard. If seniors don’t drink enough water, they might get confused or find it hard to make decisions.

Physical Health

Staying hydrated helps keep the blood flowing, aids digestion, and keeps the kidneys working well. In addition, seniors are more likely to get kidney and urinary tract infections, which can be made worse by not drinking enough water.


Staying hydrated helps keep the joints lubricated, which makes them easier to move and reduces the risk of pain and soreness in the joints. To remain consistent, the elder care team can encourage and remind seniors when they need to drink.

Improved Skin Health

When the skin is well-hydrated, it is less likely to get dry and itchy, a common issue that comes with age.

Tips For Getting Seniors to Drink More Water

  • Creating a schedule can help seniors remember to drink water regularly. The elder care team can also give water at meals and in between to make sure seniors stay hydrated.
  • Place bottles or glasses of water where they are easy to reach, especially if seniors have mobility issues.
  • Enhance seniors’ water with fruits like lemon, orange, and berries.
  • Encourage seniors to drink in small sips if they’re not used to drinking water or struggle with drinking enough.
  • Introduce technology to remind seniors to drink water.
  • Some medications can make seniors lose water. The elder care team can help them manage this.
  • Encourage seniors to eat fruits and veggies that have a lot of water in them. Watermelon, cucumbers, and oranges are all healthy snacks to consider.
  • The elder care team can set a good example by drinking water as well.
  • Celebrate the small victories by giving seniors a cute water bottle and providing positivity.

Staying hydrated becomes one of the most important things seniors can do for their health and well-being. Encouraging seniors to drink more water is an easy but effective way to make sure they live long, healthy lives. By knowing how important it is to stay hydrated and coming up with fun ways to drink water, the elder care team and loved ones play an important role in seniors’ continued health and well-being.

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