How Elder Care Celebrates National Puppy Day

National Puppy Day: Elder Care Lutherville MD

National Puppy Day: Elder Care Lutherville MD

National Puppy Day was created to celebrate the innocent joy that a puppy can bring into one’s life. Their unconditional love can make anyone feel like they can be a hero to this puppy and others like it. Because of that inspiration, the day also serves as a reminder about the horrors of puppy mills, where female dogs are forced to overbreed and puppies are often neglected and abused. If your senior loved one wants to celebrate this day, her elder care provider can help.

While you might think the best way to celebrate National Puppy Day is to buy a puppy for an elderly loved one, that might not be the best idea. Puppies require a lot of work and can be very expensive. For some elderly loved ones, they can be just too much. But that doesn’t mean your loved one can’t celebrate this day! Especially if she has a puppy already or has an older dog that she received as a puppy.

Here are five ways your loved one can celebrate National Puppy Day without having to buy a puppy.

Help a Shelter

Most larger communities have a shelter for animals that need homes. Either because they were saved from dangerous situations or could no longer live with their previous families. A great way for your senior loved one can celebrate National Puppy Day is by volunteering at her local shelter. Or she can make a donation or bring puppy toys for the puppies that are currently there.

Many shelters also accept old blankets, towels, etc. to help support their organization. If your loved one simply wants to visit a shelter, her elder care provider can help with providing transportation if needed.

Visit a Dog Park

If your loved one doesn’t have a puppy, but would like to watch some play and enjoy the great outdoors, have her elder care provider bring her to a local dog park to watch and delight in the antics of all of the dogs letting off some steam from being inside all day.

Most dog parks have benches for the people who visit, so she can stop by the local coffee shop with her elder care provider on the way and enjoy some coffee while watching the pups play.

Take a Puppy for a Walk

Does your loved one know someone who has a puppy? She could join them on their daily walk, getting in some much-needed exercise for her and the puppy.

Create awareness about the evils of puppy mills. Your loved one could write a letter to her congressperson, or have a fundraiser to support her local shelter, whatever she is most comfortable with to protect those puppies out there.

Bring her puppy (or dog) to visit others and share the joy that a puppy can bring. If she knows anyone that has trouble getting out, a quick visit with her dog may be just the thing they need to brighten their day.

Of course, if you’ve done all the research and know you have the resources and ability to provide a puppy with a loving home that will meet all of its needs then go on out and purchase a puppy for your loved one to celebrate the day. She’ll receive years of happiness from it.

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