How Does Home Care Make It Easier For Family Caregivers to Take Time Off?

Almost 42 million Americans provide care to older adults. Nine out of ten unpaid caregivers help a family member. Half of those caregivers are helping an aging parent. This is likely a very familiar scenario to you. You’ve been caring for your dad for years.


What do you feel are your biggest sacrifices as a family caregiver? Are you balancing your dad’s care with your personal life, job, and immediate family? Do you feel as though you never have time for yourself? You’re not alone. 


The average family caregiver’s age is 49, so it’s not even close to retirement age. Many still have children at home. Around three out of ten family caregivers are in that role for five or more years. 


The average number of care hours per week is 23.7. When you also have other responsibilities, it can seem impossible to take time off. You cannot let that happen. Make sure you embrace home care to ensure you can take time off.


Services From a Home Care Agency That Help

Home Care Hampstead, MD: Caregivers

Home Care Hampstead, MD: Caregivers


When you need a break, what home care services help? Start with respite care. It’s a service designed to take over everything you usually do so that you have a day off. You can also use respite care when you have a vacation planned or are sick and don’t want to spread it to your dad.


When you work until 5 p.m., going to your dad’s house to cook a meal just isn’t reasonable. Consider hiring home care aides to cook meals for your dad. You can go home and feed your children, walk your dog, clean your home, and have peace of mind that your dad has eaten a home-cooked dinner. You can stop by and cook his breakfast in the morning.


Would it help to have a paid caregiver stopping by each week to do the laundry and clean your dad’s home? His caregiver can vacuum and sweep floors, change sheets, wipe down counters, dust, and wash dishes. If that eases your load each week, it’s worth arranging housekeeping services.


Transportation services are also important, especially if your dad has a lot of appointments during the workweek. Instead of taking another unpaid half day to get your dad to his doctor’s office, let a caregiver drive him. You’ll get updates later.


Arrange Respite Care Now


Call a home care advisor and ask about respite care. You can arrange weekly visits and take a day off every week or schedule home care services from time to time to have a long weekend away. No matter what you prefer, make sure you arrange respite care to have time for self-care.

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