Home Care Assistance – How Seniors Can Keep Their Blood Sugar Under Control

Home Care AssistanceEstimates are that around 33% of seniors have diabetes. There could be many more seniors that are pre-diabetic who also should be concerned about their blood sugar.

It can be tough for seniors to get their blood sugar under control. There are a lot of factors that affect blood sugar. Sometimes even when seniors make all the right choices their blood sugar is very unstable.

Medication for diabetes can help. But it’s the choices that seniors make every day that will ensure that over time their diabetes is well-managed. That’s why it’s so important for seniors who have diabetes to be committed to a healthy lifestyle. Home care assistance can help your senior keep their blood sugar under control.

Get Educated

Learning more about diabetes can help seniors make better lifestyle choices. When seniors learn more about how blood sugar is affected by their choices it’s easier to understand how they can control their blood sugar. By making lasting lifestyle changes seniors can take a proactive stance when it comes to their health. Many seniors benefit from taking classes about diabetes or joining a diabetes support group after they are diagnosed. Learning how diabetes impacts the body helps seniors make informed decisions.

Make Good Dietary Choices

When seniors are diagnosed with diabetes they may assume they can never have their favorite foods again. But seniors can learn how to eat foods they like while managing their blood sugar. Learning to enjoy healthy meals may be difficult at first. But over time seniors will start to embrace the healthy foods that can help manage their blood sugar. And they can still enjoy their favorite fried foods or sweets once and awhile.

Exercise Every Day

Exercise is another of the core factors that impacts blood sugar. Seniors who have diabetes need to move more. Daily exercise will help with circulation and blood pressure as well as helping to maintain blood sugar. And exercise will help seniors who are overweight lose weight. Losing weight can have a big impact on blood sugar. Walking every day is often recommended for seniors who have diabetes. Walking is a gentle exercise that almost any senior can do. And it doesn’t require any special equipment.

Seniors who have diabetes can embrace daily exercise by trying new activities. Taking a yoga class, joining a pickleball league, or taking a dance class are all fun ways to try new exercises.

Manage Stress

Stress can also cause changes in blood sugar. It’s not possible to always avoid stress. But there are things that seniors can do to lower their stress levels. Exercising daily can lower stress levels. So can getting enough sleep at night. Seniors may also try meditation as a way to relieve stress.

Seniors who are struggling with stress caused by a traumatic event like losing a partner or a family member may want professional counseling. Talking with a professional can help seniors work through trauma and reduce the stress caused by major life events.

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