Effective Ways to Pair Home Care With the Help You Offer Your Mom

You’re already providing the care your mom needs. It’s tough as you’re also trying to balance your career and responsibilities with your spouse, children, or others in your household. It’s starting to cause excessive stress, so you’re considering home care services for respite. How do you make this happen?

Go Over Your Schedule

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Don’t worry about your mom’s needs for a few minutes. What do you need to do for yourself and your job? If you weren’t helping your mom, how would your daily schedule look? Now add the care your children, spouse, your mom, and others in your life require.

At some point, the things they need will overlap with the things you need. Those overlaps are areas where you need to have someone else take over. Self-care is just as important as the care your mom needs. Take time to socialize with friends, get work done, and enjoy alone time.

Talk to Family Members

Are any family members interested in spending time with your mom? You should ask. You might have a cousin who is free once a week and could prepare some meals for reheating. Your brother may be willing to take your mom shopping each week.

When family chips in, you’ll have more time to take care of yourself. Let others help out while you go into the office for a change. Take a day off and pamper yourself. Go out with friends. Do something that makes you feel good.

Use an online calendar that you can share with others. If others can see who is helping your mom on different days, it is easier to provide ample coverage so that she’s never alone. It also makes it easier to see where home care services can help out.

Learn About Respite Care

Respite care is a service you need to embrace. While you’re away, caregivers help your mom. They can do her laundry, clean the home, cook her dinner, and offer help in many other ways. This frees up time for you to focus on yourself.

You can schedule respite care services for weekly breaks or use them only when needed. Respite care is a great way to recover from the flu, keep appointments with your doctor, or regularly have a long weekend to yourself.

Once you know the best services for your mom’s needs, call a home care agency. The expert in home care services will walk you through schedules and prices. Your entire family will love knowing your mom is safe and happy while aging at home.

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