Early Warning Signs of Depression In Seniors

Depression is something that impacts a large percentage of seniors. Seniors that are aging at home have a high risk of developing depression if they are living alone. Even though overall aging in place has a lot of benefits for seniors the seniors who stay at home as they get older do have a risk of social isolation which can cause them to become depressed. Seniors also can become depressed because of medications that they take, their health problems, losing a loved one or a partner, and just from the changes that happen as they get older. 

Senior home care can help prevent depression in seniors because with senior home care seniors aren’t alone all the time. They have regular visits and social interaction with someone they like and trust. If you live far away from your senior parent senior home care can give your senior parent the connection they need to avoid becoming depressed. A senior home care provider can also help you watch for these early warning signs of depression in seniors:

Sleeping Too Much Or Too Little

Senior Home Care Towson, MD: Seniors and Depression

Senior Home Care Towson, MD: Seniors and Depression

Any major change to a senior’s sleeping pattern can be an indicator of depression. Sleeping too much and being unable to wake up and start the day is something to be concerned about. But so is not being able to sleep and having chronic insomnia. Some short term insomnia is pretty common in seniors but if the insomnia lingers and your senior loved one seems anxious or sad a night that could mean they are developing depression. 

Low Energy

If your senior parent usually is pretty active and likes to go for walks and be outdoors and do activities but they lose interest in hobbies or exercising that’s a sign of depression. When seniors who are typically active and high-energy lose that energy or no longer take an interest in doing the things that they like to do it’s time to get them evaluated by a doctor for depression. 

Negative Outlook

Low energy and negative outlook usually go hand in hand. If your senior loved one expresses that they feel like nothing matters or they completely lose interest in their hobbies and don’t want to try any new hobbies that’s a warning sign of depression. Because low energy and negative outlook often appear together if you notice one or the other symptom it’s a good idea to take your senior loved one to see a doctor. 

Isolating From People 

If your senior parent usually likes to visit friends and neighbors, have relatives over, or go to the senior center and hang out with other people but they suddenly don’t want to go out and don’t want to have people over that’s another strong indicator that your senior loved one could be fighting off depression. You should get them in to see a doctor to be evaluated for depression so that if they are becoming depressed the doctor can discuss appropriate treatment options with them.

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