Companion Care At Home – Travel Tips For Seniors With Mobility Challenges

Companion Care at HomeAccording to the U.S. Census Bureau more than 15 million seniors over the age of 65 have at least one disability. And not being able to walk well or at all was the most common disability among seniors. When seniors need to travel, or want to travel for vacation, that lack of mobility can make traveling difficult.

At home seniors can rely on services like companion care at home so that they don’t have to go out alone. When seniors have companion care at home they can enjoy staying home and doing activities and having conversations with their companion. But if they do want to go out their companion can go with them out to lunch, shopping, or other places. Having someone with them can make it easier for seniors who struggle with mobility to get around.

When seniors who have limited mobility are traveling they can do these things to make that travel easier and safer:

Call The Airline Early And Often

Seniors that are flying should call the airline and book their ticket on the phone with an agent. That way they can tell the agent that they will need a wheelchair or other assistance. After the flight is booked seniors should call the airline a few days before the trip to make sure that the requested assistance is noted and available. Then the day of the flight seniors should check in as early as possible and remind the airline staff again of the accommodations they requested.

Have Backup Assistance

Seniors who are traveling with a wheelchair or a walker should have backup assistance ready. It’s possible that the wheelchair or walker will get lost or damaged during the flight. If possible seniors should have someone with them to assist them. But if that’s not possible seniors should arrange for a walker or wheelchair at their destination just in case. Many companies will rent mobility aids like scooters, wheelchairs, or walkers.

Leave Plenty Of Time Between Flights

When seniors are booking flights they should leave several hours or more between connecting flights. That way seniors will be covered if the original flight is late. And that leaves seniors all the extra time they need to walk between gates. It will make traveling last longer, but it will eliminate a lot of stress and worry. Seniors will be able to take their time getting to their next flight.

Rent A Comfortable Van Or Camper

Seniors that are uncomfortable flying because of their mobility challenges but who don’t like riding in cars should consider renting a van or a camper. A roomy van will also have room for a wheelchair or a walker. And a camper or a comfortable van will allow seniors to sit or lie down comfortably for the length of the trip. A camper may even have a bathroom on board so that seniors won’t have to make do with a gas station or rest stop bathroom.

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