Companion Care at Home Helps Your Parents Remain Independent

Independence is everything when you’re older. The idea of relying on your adult children isn’t comforting. But, there’s a better way. Hire companion care at home and help your parents remain independent without worrying that they’re putting their safety at risk.

How do you make sure your parents’ goals are achievable? Ask these questions and figure out the next steps based on the answers.

What Do They Struggle With Right Now?

Companion Care at Home in Butler, MD: Remaining Independent

Sit down and ask your parents where they could use help right now. Do they remember to take their prescription medications each day? Do they have an easy time carrying the hamper to the laundry room? Some of the tasks that older adults struggle with include vacuuming stairs, cooking meals, and shopping for groceries.

If your parents need help right now, it’s best to make the arrangements now. You don’t want to keep putting it off and get a call that your mom fell and broke her arm while trying to go down the stairs to her basement laundry room.

What Will Future Care Needs Entail?

Your mom has Alzheimer’s. It’s in the early stages now, but you have to think about the future. At some point, she will need help with personal care and grooming. She won’t be able to cook her meals and snacks without risking her safety because she’s forgotten the pizza she put in the oven.

Or, it could be your dad who has heart disease. He already needs help remembering to take his daily pills. But, months or years from now, doctors may recommend open-heart surgery. He needs to have caregivers to help him keep his home clean and organized when he can’t do it independently.

For now, your parents both drive, but all it takes is one visit to the eye doctor to find that changes. If they can’t drive, who is free to take them shopping, drive them to the doctor’s office, or bring them to a friend’s house?

What About Companionship?

Boredom impacts your health. If your parents are lonely, they may start reaching out to you. You’re busy at work, but your dad keeps calling you every couple of hours. You try to explain that you’ll call him later, but that doesn’t appease him.

His friends no longer live in the area, which is one reason he is lonely. It’s an excellent time to address companionship care services. Hire caregivers to keep him company when you’re busy with work, appointments, or other responsibilities.

Companion care at home pairs your parents with a caregiver. That caregiver can drive them to stores, help them with the daily tasks that are too hard to complete on their own, and offers friendship. A specialist can help you navigate the options and prices.

If you or an aging loved-one is considering Companion Care at Home in Butler, MD please contact the caring staff at Help at Home Services, LLC today. (443) 275-1524

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