Reduce the Risk of Skin Infections With Proper Personal Care

Personal Care at Home

At his last doctor’s appointment, your dad learned he has diabetes. He has to be very careful about taking care of his skin to avoid infections. As he also has arthritis and deals with joint stiffness, it makes it hard for him to pay extra close attention to his grooming and hygiene. Why Are Skin…

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Home Care Assistance – How Seniors Can Keep Their Blood Sugar Under Control

Home Care Assistance

Estimates are that around 33% of seniors have diabetes. There could be many more seniors that are pre-diabetic who also should be concerned about their blood sugar. It can be tough for seniors to get their blood sugar under control. There are a lot of factors that affect blood sugar. Sometimes even when seniors make…

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The Value of Social Connections With Companion Care at Home

Companion Care at Home

As she ages, your mom’s social circle has dwindled. She used to have dozens of friends and coworkers, but now she’s lucky if she sees one person each month. Her mobility keeps her from going out, and she’s not at work and socializing each day. Socialization is a vital part of healthy aging, yet it’s…

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