5 Ways Home Care Assistance Changes Your Dad’s Daily Life

Home Care Assistance Cockeysville MD

Home Care Assistance Cockeysville MD

Home care assistance services are designed to help your dad retain his independence as he ages at home and offer just enough support without overwhelming him or making him feel useless.

It’s important to talk to your entire family about what home care assistance can and cannot do for your dad, as the common goal is to promote his independence. Take a look at these five scenarios to get a better understanding of home care assistance.

He Needs Help With Mobility

Your dad’s muscle weakness or arthritis pain is extreme. Things he used to find easy to do, such as getting out of bed, are difficult now. If someone doesn’t help him get out of bed, he is stuck there all day.

Helping him get out of bed, on and off of the toilet, or even transferring him from a wheelchair to his shower seat are all mobility tasks that a home care assistance provider can offer.

He Cannot Drive

Your dad isn’t supposed to drive. It may be health-related or loss of vision that impacts his ability to safely operate a vehicle. He may even be on medications that cause drowsiness or dizziness. If he can’t drive, he can have a caregiver bring him shopping, take him to his appointments, and help him run errands.

He Had a Stroke

Since your dad’s stroke, he cannot be alone. Having someone to help him use the toilet and clean up after himself as well as someone to cook his meals, get his drinks, and prepare his snacks is essential. He might need someone to feed him. A home care assistance provider helps with all of this.

He Hates Doing the Housework

Your dad has never liked to do the housework and he struggles to push the vacuum around or carry it from one level of his home to the other. He can dust, but he’s not confident going to the basement to do the laundry.

Home care assistance caregivers can change the sheets, make the bed, change the towels, do the laundry, and put everything away after. They can wash dishes, load the dishwasher, put clean dishes away, and wipe down counters. They can sweep the floors, take out the trash and recycling, and water houseplants.

He Feels Alone and Isolated

This is one of the most common and important reasons to arrange home care assistance. Your dad lives alone and ever since your mom passed away, he feels alone and very isolated. He spends a lot of time calling you, but you’re at work and cannot talk.

With a caregiver stopping by each day, he has a companion to talk to. They can go for walks or play games. If your dad likes to get out of the house, they can go shopping or tour a museum. He’s far less likely to feel alone when he has a caregiver around each week.

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