4 Things That Will Help Your Senior Parent Grieve A Loss

When your senior parent has suffered the loss of a spouse or partner, or a close family member like a sibling, the grief can be very difficult for them to deal with. They are dealing with losing someone they love and also dealing with facing their own mortality. In the case of losing a spouse your remaining parent may have lost their companion that was with them every day all day, sometimes for years. It’s very difficult to bounce back from a loss like that. But there are some things that will your senior parent grieve and come to terms with their loss like:

Companion Care At Home

Companion Care at Home Lutherville, MD: Seniors and Grieving

Companion Care at Home Lutherville, MD: Seniors and Grieving

Companion care at home can help seniors who are struggling after losing a spouse who was with them all the time. Having someone there during the day who can chat with them, eat meals with them, go on walks, or run errands with them can give seniors a sense of normalcy and routine that will really help their mental health. Even though they will still be grieving for what they lost they won’t feel like the world has turned upside down when they aren’t alone all the time. 

Adopting A Pet

Adopting a senior pet won’t replace their loved one but it can help add some love and joy to your senior loved one’s life again. Senior pets are fantastic companions for seniors, and the unconditional love and constant companionship of a pet can do wonders for a senior’s mental health. If your senior loved one isn’t ready to adopt a pet or you worry about their ability to take care of a pet long-term encourage them to sign up to volunteer at a pet shelter or provide temporary foster care for animals in need of a safe place to live. 


Many seniors with raised to be suspicious of counseling or mental health care which makes them not inclined to seek help even if they need it. However, if you can convince your senior loved one that these days most people do get counseling and try to make an active effort to maintain good mental health your senior loved one may be willing to get counseling. Mental health support from a trained counselor or psychologist can help seniors that are battling depression, anxiety, and the stages of the grieving process. They may also be able to prescribe medication that can help with issues like sleeplessness. 


Another thing that can help seniors through the stages of grief is getting out and meeting new people. Sitting in the house constantly isn’t healthy for senior mentally or physically. Physically leaving the house and going to a gym, a senior center, or other places where they can meet and hang out with other seniors can be a great way for seniors to get some perspective on their grief and start to move on after the loss. Nothing can make the pain of losing a partner or sibling go away, but there are healthy ways that seniors can deal with their grief.

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